Guest Post: Music is my Fashion Inspiration

“Are you ready to be Fierce?”

So asks the beautiful, talented – and undoubtedly fierce – MJ of Fierce: Beauty and Fashion.

MJ’s blog is a veritable melting pot of fashion and beauty goodness.  If you are looking for unbiased product reviews and fun beauty tips – check her out.  If you are looking for insight into fashion – plus-sized or otherwise – check her out.  If you are just looking for another great blog to follow- Fierce is it.  MJ manages to successfully meld different topics she is passionate about into a wonderfully cohesive blog, while also contributing regularly to Yahoo! Shine, Friend Friday and attempting to try every color eye shadow there is on the planet!

I was thrilled when she agreed to be a contributor in my monthly guest blogger series and am particularly excited about the topic she chose. So far we have seen how fashion photography and celebrity style inspire, now MJ will take us on a musical ride…


I first want to say what an absolute pleasure it is to guest post today on Beautifully Invisible. The fashion commentary on here is amazing and she’s such a great blogger. I sit here with my fingers crossed hoping I can do her blog the fashion justice it deserves today! (Note from Beautifully Invisible: You did all this and more, doll!  Thanks again for this fabulous post!)

Today I wanted to talk about one of major sources of fashion inspiration, which isn’t found in the usual places. Then again, I’m not the typical fashionista, for not too long ago I traded in some of my tomboy wears and ways for a more girly-girl existence. I didn’t grow up flipping through pages of Vogue and ELLE or watching runway shows. Though I enjoy all of those things now (in excess to make up for lost time!), those aren’t the real places where my style and fashion sense come from. You’ll find it on my IPOD.

Good music has a way of going beyond just dancing. It conveys a mood. It stirs a memory. It has a way being the soundtrack for a period in your life. I cannot function without music. I drive to music. I do my hair to music. I blog to music and I even get dressed to music. I put on a song, open up my closet and depending on what the music is saying to me determines what I’m wearing that day. Video Phone by Beyoncé makes me want to break out the stilettos while Clocks by Coldplay would put me in a black sneaker, dark jeans, and matching beanie kinda mood.

So  I thought it would be fun to take four popular songs that I’m sure you know and create some outfits based on them!

What’s my Name? by Rihanna

Rihanna herself is getting bolder by the minute, down to her fierce red hair.  The song itself is a very sexy one, but not reveal-everything-sexy.  Rather, an almost confident kind of sexy. So I went for classic dresses where the color makes a statement.  The trendiness comes in with black accessories – from big chandeliers to a sparkly clutch!

Closet red cut-out back dress, $42 GBP; Burning Desire Dress, $78; BCBG Dante Heel – Black Suede, $90;
Bakers Womens Vickie Lace Platform Pump: Shoes, $80; Betsey Johnson ‘Get Your Glitz On’ Sequined Bow Clutch, $65; Bonne Nuit Big Button Earrings, $22; Lucky Brand – Gypset Geodes Stone Cuff (Multi) – Jewelry, $28; Jet & Silver Large Oval Chandelier Earrings, $20

Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day

Whenever I listen to anything by Green Day, I automatically reach for my jeans and some type of plaid. I guess it’s because I get a very laid back and minimalistic vibe from the song. That doesn’t mean looking like you rolled out of bed though!  You can still go neutral in colors and find clothes with a great, feminine cut, like the two plaid blouses I found for this set. Chill mode doesn’t call for heels but you can still go with cute flats and add that rocker vibe with your accessories.

BKE Metallic Plaid Shirt, $30; Dellal Top, $95;  NEW! VS Hipster Bootcut Jean, $50; Miss Me Boot Stretch Jean, $98; Naughty Monkey Heads Up Boots, $99; REPORT ‘Lilburn’ Studded Flat, $60; Stasia’s Chain & Rhinestone Studded Black Faux Leather Cuff Bracelet, $44; Pretty Large Flower Studs, $14; Origin Beanie, $40; Tasha Double Metallic Headband, $28

Run this Town by Jay-Z

When this song first came out it was my “I’m going to take over the world” anthem!  The beat is hard hitting and the lyrics are really gritty and no-nonsense.  So, as any girl who is going to take over the world (and look good doing it!), I need stiletto heel boots, some type of chain-inspired jewelry, and a cool biker jacket.  Oh, and you can’t forget the shades!

FOX Wing It Womens T-Shirt, $27; Womens tops – Going out tops, shrugs, blouses & more | New Look, $17 GBP; Twisted Heart Biker Jacket, $234; ASOS Super Sexy Flare Jeans, $48; Baby Phat Sophie Boot – Grey, $87; Cara Accessories Leather & Chain Bracelet, $48; Chain and feather necklace, $13 GBP; baby phat Women’s 2047 Round Sunglasses, $165

Bitter Sweet Symphony by The Verve

My fashion inspiration for this song has absolutely nothing to do with the song itself but rather the movie it’s associated with – Cruel Intentions. I must have watched that movie a million times and whenever that song comes on I automatically think of school uniforms! Granted I’m not a fan of that outfit but I have no problems rocking a nice pencil skirt, a cool blazer, and a blouse with some edge to it!

Classiques Entier Tie Neck Stretch Silk Blouse, $94; Zip-Pocket Blazer, $52; Black Tuxedo Jacket, $50 GBP; Velvet and ponteroma skirt, $55 GBP; Rhinestone Platform Heels, $58; Sia’s 3 Inch Silver & Black Lined Hoop Earrings, $27; Plastic sunglasses, $5.99

Once again, I thank Beautifully Invisible for letting me spread my craziness today on her blog.

Now it’s your turn!

Are there any particular songs that spark your fashion sense? I would love to hear it down in comments!


If you haven’t already done so, check out MJ’s blog here: FIERCE
and follow her via Bloglovin’ here and twitter here.

You can also check out her posts on Yahoo! Shine here.

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  • MJ December 21, 2010, 3:02 PM

    This was sooo much fun!! I’m glad you ladies enjoyed it! 🙂

  • Grit and Glamour December 21, 2010, 1:06 PM

    I LOVE this post! I draw so much inspiration from music as well. MJ, you referenced Beyonce in Video Phone. I also LOVE her in Why Don’t You Love Me. Awesome!

    ♥ V
    twitter: @gritandglamour

  • Yvonna Groom December 21, 2010, 12:46 PM

    Love this! What an awesome way to connect fashion and music! <3