Links à la Mode: The IFB Weekly Roundup, Week of June 30, 2011

Ever since Friday, I have been in a Novak Djokovic-induced stupor.  You see, Novak is the heart and soul of my ancestral Serbia.  I’ve always been a huge tennis fan, but since he entered the scene a few years ago it’s become more than that.  Each time he wins, Serbs around the world feel like we win.  And guess what?  He officially became the world #1 in tennis and became the new Wimbledon champ this weekend.  AH-mazing.  Congratulations Nole!

My internet time this weekend suffered (a lot!) due to the Djokovic-induced haze of loveliness I was in.  I haven’t had the opportunity to complete a few posts I have scheduled for this week yet, but stay tuned for Link Love with a Twist and the Blogiversary Contest winner announcement in the next few days.

Meanwhile, please check out the latest Links à la Mode.  This week’s intro is especially good.  Editor Vahni posed a special challenge to all the bloggers out there – are you ready to meet it? I know I am! (Much thanks to IFB and Vahni for including me in the roundup again!)

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Hey blogger. Get over yourself. Seriously.

Edited by Vahni of Grit & Glamour

This week I’m fresh out of love and rainbows, so there will be no kumbaya intro. Doesn’t mean I don’t love y’all, but I have got to tell you that lately, I’m a wee bit peeved by the fame-whoring and big-noting going on in the fashion blogosphere (and Twitterverse). Who of us doesn’t want brand endorsements and blogging fame? We’re all stars in our own right, and there is nothing wrong with ambition. But no one likes a self-absorbed, one-sided braggart. And no one likes an ass-kisser. Period.

Have you given props to someone other than yourself lately? Is every status update about hyping you? Is everything in your life now about the blog? As Emily of Ruby Slipper Journeys wonders in her post, are you capturing reality on your blog or manufacturing it? If any of this sounds like you, you might be on the road to becoming a full-blown fame monster. Maybe it’s time to check yourself.

A Challenge

If you’re destined for blogging fame, it will come through dedication, professionalism, and genuine respect. Through interaction, supporting your community, and authenticity. Let’s take blogging back to its roots. This week’s roundup is chock full of posts teeming with creativity, wit, and wisdom. I challenge you all to not only read and comment on at least 10 blog posts, but to share them as well. Find something that resonates with you and tweet it, like it, stumble it. All those hearts and thumbs up weren’t made just for you.

Links à la Mode: June 30th


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  • GRIT & GLAMOUR July 5, 2011, 6:41 PM

    Congrats, honeybun!

  • Kyla July 5, 2011, 12:17 PM

    Wow. I was just thinking about this today. I have a friend (who I shall not name) who is, shall we say, a tad egotistical. Now, I can handle ego in a person. It’s not such a big deal to talk about yourself a little too much…if you mention other people every once in a while. But, looking over our conversations, I don’t think he’s ever said one nice thing about me. No compliments, no discussion over MY life, heck, he doesn’t even insult me. And, I don’t think he’s ever talked about somebody else in his life, either. Only his mother, and he talked about her screw-ups, not her good points.

    Worst of all, he treats me like I am somehow stupid (while never actually saying it), while he is a genius. And, boy, does he point out his MANY genius attributes over and over again. Don’t get me wrong, though, he has many impressive accomplishments…but do I have to hear about all of them ad nauseum?

    So, while I thought about this friend who I’m having incredible trouble with, I was wondering if I ever came off that way to other people. Examining what you said…I don’t think I do. But thank you so much for the wake-up call! I will be thinking even more about this today, and will definitely check out those blogs you listed (or, at least the ones that seem relevant to me). My goal every day is to read and comment on every single blog I follow, and to find at least one, new blog to follow and comment on. And I try not to mention my own blog in those comments unless it is somehow relevant (I have a friend who asked me a question in my blog and I’m going to do a post all about the subject she brought up, so I told her on her blog that I was doing it for her, if she wanted to read it).

    Anyway, thanks so much for making me more people-conscious, and encouraging me to examine myself more closely. It’s so easy to see when someone else has a problem, but hard to notice it in yourself. Have a great day, and happy writing!

  • A Brit Greek July 5, 2011, 5:31 AM

    It was a great match, wish I was there! My mum was supposed to meet someone, however she was so sucked in to watching the game that she completely forgot, totally lol!!!

    Hope you’re having a top week angel.