Whatever Wednesday: Tom Ford Rumors, HauteLook news, 127 Hours and more

Last minute work deadlines before the Thanksgiving holiday, combined with the holiday itself, leaves little time for blog posts this week.  Here is a quick roundup of topics to ponder  in this week’s Whatever Wednesday.

Tom Ford for…. H&M? Unlikely

I am filing this one under “rumor status” for now, but according to this article in the French Tribune, the next big designer that will follow in Lanvin’s footsteps and create a capsule collection for H&M will be Tom Ford.


In my opinion, it's unlikely we'll be seeing this logo...

Although this possibility is exciting (and, for once, I would be the first in line at H&M!), I am doubtful about the authenticity of this news. According to this December Vogue article, his newest collection will be small and exclusive, and sold only in his sixteen menswear stores, until next season. No mention of an H&M collaboration is made in US Vogue, instead we received news of a Fall makeup line launch.

When describing his new collection, Mr. Ford shares that it was designed with longevity in mind. These designs are meant to become staple pieces in someones wardrobe. In fact, the Vogue piece states:

It’s not for the Gucci girl he left behind. “At this point?” he considers. “She’d be too trendy.”

Given that, I don’t see how a collaboration with H&M would make sense. Regardless of whether the French Tribune article is fact or fiction (I call fiction!), what do you think of the idea of Tom Ford for H&M? Would you buy it?

And how unlikely is a collaboration of this caliber, given that Valentino is doing a limited collection for Gap and Karl Lagerfield is doing the same for Macy’s?

Looking for a new home in Manhattan? How about Coco Rocha’s?

Coco Rocha and her husband are selling their Manhattan digs and moving to Brooklyn. The good news? According to this New York Times article, the price on their Gramercy Park condo dropped. The bad? It’s still just a tad out of my price range at $1.59 million.

In case you missed it, the condo was featured in a Vogue spread last month. A few of my favorite shots are below. Click here to check out the rest.


Image via Vogue.com

Image via NYT (I had to sneak this one in, even though it wasn't in Vogue))


Image via Vogue.com


I wish this was my workspace. Image via Vogue.com

Shop HauteLook on Facebook

Love sample sales? I certainly do. My “Shopping I Love” page is full of Sample Sale sites that I frequent. HauteLook is one of my favorites. Their website is easy enough to use as is, but, as reported by the New York Times, now you can shop select flash sales via Facebook.

The current Flash Sale on HauteLook's Facebook page.

If you are a “fan” of HauteLook’s Facebook page, you will now see upcoming sales promoted in your newsfeed. To start shopping an upcoming sale, you must first sign on or register via a widget within the HauteLook news feed. From there you can browse, add an item to their cart, and check out without ever leaving the Facebook page. Easy.

I wonder if this type of ecommerce via Facebook will become a trend amongst other online retailers. What do you think?

Need something to do this weekend? Go see 127 Hours

This is not fashion-related, but I wanted to share anyway. A friend and I had the opportunity to go to a screening of 127 Hours last night. The film is based on the true story of Aron Ralston, a canyoneer who was forced to amputate his lower right arm free himself after being trapped in canyon by a boulder for 127 hours. The film, starring James Franco and directed by Danny Boyle, is a fascinating look at survival and human courage. I highly recommend it, but be aware that some parts are difficult to watch!

Let me know what you think if you go see it!

Karina Gubanova by Photographer Jesse Untracht-Oakner

This photoshoot is mostly NSFW (click here to view the other images) but I absolutely adore this shot. Especially the accessories Karina Gubanova is wearing – those earrings, that bracelet, that ring – I want them all!


Covetable jewelry... (image via fashionising)

For those of you who celebrate Thanksgiving tomorrow – Happy Thanksgiving!  May you always be surrounded by the smiles of friends, the love of family, and the happiness and joy that shopping brings 😉

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  • Olivia. V.B November 30, 2010, 9:45 AM

    OMG you really are a Tom Ford obsessed!!! At some point when looking for Tom Ford on Google we’ll have you blog at the top of the list!!!lol Don’t worry I understand I love his clothes too!!
    I think it would be great if he was to do an H&M collections…
    And thank you for finding me my future home in New York, Hope you’ll come visit me someday !!! lol

    • Beautifully Invisible November 30, 2010, 5:46 PM

      Hehe, I am a self-admitted Tom Ford-a-holic 🙂

      I highly doubt there is any truth to the H&M rumor, but it’s an interesting prospect. I just question the quality of these H&M Collections. I’d rather spend that money on one piece from the real line, than multiple pieces from the H&M version.

      I;d love to visit you in your future NYC home. You should have a house-warming party 😉

  • M.J November 29, 2010, 3:44 PM

    Well I think if me and about 200 of my friends got together, we could split the cost on that condo! LOL. It’s gorgeous though!

    I saw the movie posters for that movie but didn’t know what it was about. This looks amazing! It’s going on my Netflix list!

    Those accessories are to die for! Love that shot!!

    Hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving! 🙂

    • Beautifully Invisible November 30, 2010, 5:49 PM

      Can I be one of the 200 friends? Maybe we could each have it 1 day a year? LOL

      127 Hours really is amazing…. plus you can’t beat Franco and Boyle together! The composer who did the music for Slumdog Millionaire did the soundtarck for this film as well, so that adds to its greatness too.

      Thanksgiving was quite lovely. Spent it with the family! Hope yours was wonderful as well!

  • Marissa November 27, 2010, 6:04 PM

    I’m a bit behind on my blog reading and hadn’t heard the Tom Ford rumor until now. I’m keeping my hopes up. That would be amazing!

  • Casee Marie November 25, 2010, 12:03 AM

    From my very limited experience with H&M their clothes aren’t superb quality; the few things I bought only lasted for a season. I would definitely buy Tom Ford for H&M if it happened, but it would be disappointing to pay the money if the clothes won’t endure. Is it fashion snobbery if I say I’d rather see him do a collection, albeit probably more expensive, for Macy’s because it would just seem classier? Haha. I can’t help it. It’s TOM FORD!

    I love Coco and Coco’s pretty condo! The fact that we’re the same age and at drastically opposite sides of the financial spectrum is a little disconcerting, though. Ha! I hadn’t heard about that film before. It definitely sounds intense, but what a pairing with Franco and Boyle. And I love the Karina shot, too – those earrings are out of this world.

    Hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving! (:

    • Beautifully Invisible November 30, 2010, 6:01 PM

      It’s funny you say that about H&M quality. I actually have a couple of pieces I have been rotating in my work wardrobe for a good 4 years and they are still going strong! I think it depends on what it is though… I have had some that only lasted a couple wears as well. I think I’d rather spend the money on 1 piece from the “real” collection than multiple pieces from an H&M collection. We’ll see though – I say that now!

      That condo is just glorious… I would love to live there, even for a year. Or maybe a week. LOL

      The film is a must-see in my opinion. Check it out of you have an opportunity.

      Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving!

  • Anonymous November 24, 2010, 7:28 PM

    Coco Rocha’s home is so glamorous! I remember seeing those photos and drooling… Well, not literally, but you know 😉

    I had NO idea 127 hours was based off that story! Wow. I’m definitely interested but perhaps renting it would be a better idea for me so I don’t have to see those intense scenes.

    • Beautifully Invisible November 30, 2010, 6:01 PM

      I know the feeling, definitely! LOL It’s sooo nice to look at.

      Renting the film might make more sense, but definitely see it when you can!