Whatever Wednesday: Heels, Chanel, Karen Elson and more!

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To wear heels, or not to wear heels, that is the question

According to a study conducted at England’s Northumbria University, men could care less whether women wear high heels or not.   Per the UK Daily Mail, “the tests looked at whether the change in body posture brought about by wearing heels, such as the illusion of longer legs, tilting torso and more prominent rear, sends a signal which has an effect on men.”  The conclusion?  Male observers were unable to tell which of the female  subjects were wearing heels.  While I agree a shoe alone doesn’t make a woman confident and sexy, I don’t believe it’s absolutely irrelevant.

I don’t know about you, but I wear heels for me.  They make me walk straighter, carry my head high, and feel sexier.  If I feel sexier – I act more confident.  It doesn’t matter whether a man notices my heels or not – I notice them.  Other women might feel just as sexy in flats as I do in heels.  Nothing wrong with that.  The point is, if we are confident in what we are wearing, we show that confidence.  The man might not notice the shoes – but he certainly notices the confidence!

Besides, can you really convince me that the first few seconds of this promo would have been just as sexy if she wasn’t wearing heels?  Everytime I saw this on TV, I died a little inside because I loved the heels so much!

Vote for the Sexiest Shoes of the Year

Obviously, Saks Fifth Avenue thinks heels are sexy.  Per WWD, they, in conjunction with Footwear News, are holding a contest to determine the years sexiest shoe.  Contestants range from Christian Louboutin to Manolo Blahnik to Miu Miu and Dolce & Gabbana.

Voting is open to the public and will take place online, as well as at the 10022-SHOE boutique in the flagship Saks Fifth Avenue store in New York.  Click here to vote online today!

My pick?  These Jimmy Choo Feline’s.


Blog Writer?

I’ve shopped at ModCloth a few times.  Many of the items aren’t really my style, but I occasionally run into something with just the right amount of edge.   Regardless, I always get a kick out of the names they come up with for items, and sometimes the descriptions are absolutely genius!  I was perusing the site last night when I came across the “Blog Writer Dress.”


Although I could see some bloggers wearing this (Tavi comes to mind – and she would rock it), I wouldn’t be caught dead in it.  It looks like a nightgown to me (grandma’s night gown!), is not polished at all, and it’s rather pricey for what it is!   I know ModCloth is just trying to think of fun names for their dresses, but I hate the idea of people thinking bloggers dress like this.   It’s stereotyping, in a way, and am I wrong in thinking the majority of fashion bloggers wouldn’t wear this?

Thou shalt not use the name “Chanel” in vain

This is something we should all be aware of as fashion bloggers: Chanel is on the prowl for people that are misusing their trademark brand name.    Specifically, they would like a cease and desist placed on the use of the word “Chanel” as an adjective.  The powerhouse recently took out the following ad in WWD:


Source: Chic and You Shall Find

So, fellow bloggers, be mindful of that next time something reminds you of a Chanel piece!

Metro Chic and Tom Ford’s Black Orchid

Quite a few of you have been asking about the nail color I am wearing in this photo:

It’s called Metro Chic by OPI for Sephora.  It’s actually a really popular shade from last fall, but I still love it – one of my faves!  Click on the image below to buy it.


Another nail color I am excited about is Tom Ford’s Black Orchid!  Although it looks more red than black, it kind of reminds me of Chanel’s Vamp (please don’t hurt me for the comparison, Chanel!).  Looking forward to seeing this one in person.


A couple of doses of inspiration

Karen Elson looks spectacular in this Harpers Bazaar shoot, and I am seriously coveting those gorgeous red locks of hers!

PhotobucketPhotoshoot Details:
Harpers Bazaar UK, October 2010
Photographer: Alexi Lubomirski

Meanwhile, I am strangely drawn to Eniko Mihalik’s hair in this shoot.  I can’t stop staring at this shot… (plus, the dress is gorgeous!)

PhotobucketPhotoshoot Details:
Harpers Bazaar Spain, October 2010
Photographer: Nico

How is your Wednesday going? Anything particular on your mind?

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  • Beautifully Invisible September 27, 2010, 7:51 PM

    I like what you had to say about heels, although i admit I’ve never quite thought about it THAT in depth. You are spot on, though. I really think it depends on the subjects they studied and on other factors like the environment and ages and clothing women were wearing etc etc etc.

    As for Chanel, it seems they have an issue with the Chanel-inspired, Chanel-like, Chanelesque type characterizations as well. I wouldn’t met on any editors talking back – the House of Chanel is too big of a powerhouse for them to do that!

  • Casee Marie September 24, 2010, 5:07 AM

    Amen to the bit about wearing heels for yourself. I love what heels do for my legs (or at least the lower half of my legs – I just pretend from the knee up doesn’t exist at this point) and that makes me walk with a little more confidence. I’m not competent enough in my heel-walking to be a stiletto girl (I wish), but I won’t deny that it’s a sexy shoe.

    That doesn’t seem like a very photogenic dress, but I don’t hate it. I think it could be made to look cute in that thrift-store, arts-and-crafts kind of way that I admittedly find rather adorable, but the whole point of thrift shopping (to me, a thrift store virgin) is to spend minimal with the intention of giving your finds some TLC. That price just doesn’t match the dress at all. But I agree, the naming fairies at Modcloth are pretty genius sometimes.

    Sorry, I’m always such a chatterbox on your blog. It’s a good thing, right? P.S. loving both of the polishes!

    • Beautifully Invisible September 27, 2010, 7:39 PM

      I love when you are a “chatterbox”. Please chatter away 🙂

      I agree re: the dress. It isn’t my style (I actually do agree with the fugly characterization), but I think it could look cute on some people out there in a vintage-y sense. But I also agree the whole point of thrifting and vintage is to re-use something old, not buy something new. And to call it a blogger dress – bah.

      The only thing that drives me crazy about the ModCloth naming fairies is when they RENAME something. They sell pieces by brands like BB Dakota and Jeffrey Campbell, etc etc., but they always rename the item. Why can’t they just leave it alone in those cases?

      • Audrey March 14, 2011, 3:02 AM

        It’s because they know they have ridiculous markups so they rename their items to make it harder for you to find it for cheaper.

        Seriously, it takes some creative Googling, but usually you’ll be amazed at just what the difference can actually be.

  • Kristin & Megan September 23, 2010, 12:07 AM

    I must have that polish!

    • Beautifully Invisible September 23, 2010, 7:22 PM

      Not sure which one you meant (Tom Ford or OPI) but either way – love both colors! LOL

  • Anonymous September 22, 2010, 8:39 PM

    Hmm, I think it’s important to remember that is just one study of the many that could’ve been done on what men think of women in heels. I think they’re going to notice the body more than the heels, unless they’re really sexy looking. I just find this study very shocking because everything that I see and read screams that men love women in heels! So odd.

    Too funny, I just entered that contest!

    Umm, I’m not sure about that dress from ModCloth. It does look very Granny-ish. I think it’d look a whole lot better if it were just a top. You’re so right about the names they choose for their products. I love them!

    Oh my gosh. I so need those polishes, especially the Metro Chic color! The other day I saw OPI in Wal-Mart for $7. That’s $2 cheaper than at Sephora!

    Beautiful posts!

    • Beautifully Invisible September 23, 2010, 7:27 PM

      I agree re: the study. It’s funny, just about every media outlet today is talking about the study and most people are disagreeing with it. It all depends on the size and make-up of their pool of participants. Maybe if the study is repeated elsewhere it would provide a different result, who knows!

      I also agree regarding the ModCloth top – with some adjustments it could be a cute top. Maybe with jeans. But as a dress? YUCK.

      Thanks for the tip on the OPI polishes, will have to check out their selection!

  • Grit and Glamour September 22, 2010, 5:29 PM

    I’m with you totally on the heels, the fugly blog dress, and the Tom Ford polish. What a fun post! Little bit of everything.

    ♥ V

  • Tanvi A. September 22, 2010, 4:35 PM

    @Tex Hahahaha …!

    I saw last two episode of Nikita – It is a decent watch so far! 🙂

    Loving that Tom Ford nail paint! 🙂

    • Beautifully Invisible September 23, 2010, 7:29 PM

      I only watched the first episode. I liked it, still have to catch up on the last one.

      I love anything and everything that has to do with orchids – even a nailpolish named after one! LOL

  • fashion butter September 22, 2010, 4:27 PM

    I’d wear that dress if I wrote an ugly dress blog.