Help "What I Wore" Win an Icelandic Honeymoon!

I know I don’t have a lot of readers, and those that do read my ramblings probably already read What I Wore because it’s one of the best fashion blogs out there.

Just in case there is anyone out there that doesn’t read it:

1.  You should.  Jessica Schroeder (aka What I Wore) makes looking good look effortless.  Go here and read everything.
2.  But first: help her win a honeymoon to Iceland!

Jessica, like myself, has been watching The Bachelorette this season and fell in love with Iceland while watching one of the episodes. 
She says: “I’ve become a pretty big fan of watching The Bachelorette this season and was totally blown away by the Iceland trip Ali had on the show.  Iceland Naturally asked viewers to enter to win their own trip and… I’M A FINALIST!!
This comes at an especially good time because Adam (her fiance)  and I were going to put off an official honeymoon while we’re in saving mode.  Could you image how romantic and awesome this will be??
So if you have a minute, I’d love your support through a vote. Most votes win and since I have the best blog readers on the Internet, I think I might have a shot at it!! Reblogs would be wonderful too!!!”
VOTE HERE! (and that little Icelandic phrase is addition 4 + 5 = 9, etc)
Make sure you look for this photo:  
and help her win the trip of a lifetime!


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